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  About The School  

School Brand

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Together, Everyone Achieves More: 

Everyone Excelling Everyday (T.E.A.M. E3)


Mission Statement

Gadsden County High School, in partnership with community stakeholders, will provide world class customer service, a safe environment and positive school culture. The core curriculum will be diverse, standards aligned and relevant, considering the various learning styles of all students. We have one guiding principle: "Restoring Academic Excellence and Pride." 

Vision Statement

Gadsden County High School empowers all students to succeed by pursuing early college, armed forces, or technical education opportunities by providing standards-aligned, engaging instruction."


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Restoring Academic Excellence and Pride

Core Values


1. High Achievement for ALL

2. Excellence in Teaching

3. Collaboration

4. Respect for Human Differences

5. Educational Equity

6. Professionalism / Collegiality

The Faculty and Staff of GCHS believe:

  • That we need to share one vision to be successful,
  • That learning increases when all stakeholders take an active role in the success of the school,
  • That student learning increases when everyone demonstrates a commitment to continual personal and professional learning,
  • That learning increases when a safe and ethical atmosphere is provided,
  • That student learning increases when teachers provide a creative learning environment with interesting and relevant activities,
  • That every child can learn, however may learn differently,
  • That students learn, when the needs of the "whole child" are met and when the teacher sets goals to encourage all students to achieve,
  • That student attitudes about learning are affected by the school climate and policies,
  • That student learning increases when teachers include continuous assessment to guide teaching and learning,
  • That student learning increases when students are involved in the assessment of their own work and progress,
  • That all parents have hopes and goals for their children, and
  • That learning increases when parents and families are the primary supporters and motivators of their children's education.

GCHS expectations for all students and staff:

  • Arrive on time
  • Be prepared
  • Actively participate in keeping GCHS clean
  • Demonstrate respect for property, others and yourself
  • Maintain focus
  • Be responsible for your choices
  • Cooperate