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Ms. Talia Cotton 850-662-2300 ext 2153 Email
  Ms. Wendy Holt 850-662-2300 ext 2157 Email

Class of 2015


East Gadsden High School’s Junior Class is focusing on gaining knowledge through experience.  Our goal is to enhance the education of each Junior Class student.  We accomplish this goal by going outside the four walls of the school and partaking in real world experiences with culture, art, history, literature, and a variety of subject matter.

Junior Announcements & Activities

¡Junior Year To Do List

¡Graduation Requirements 

¡ACT & SAT Dates 

¡After High School  

¡Prom 2015

Junior Class Meeting

Ø  Introduction of Junior Class Sponsors

o   Ms. Cotton

o   Ms. Holt 

o   Mrs. Mills  

Ø  Junior Class Officers

o   President:

o   Vice President:

o   Secretary:

Ø  Prom

o   April 11, 2015

o   Theme: Hollywood

Ø  Fundraisers

 Ø  Junior Class T-Shirt

Ø  Class Trips & Activities