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Jones, Pamela Prinicpal
Key, Elijah Vice Principal
Scott, Tawanda Vice Principal
Shaffer, Deborah Vice Principal

Aggelis, Steven English
Alexander, Maresha Guidance Counselor (Senior/12th Grade)
Anderson, Martha Media Specialist
Black, O'Hara Dean of Students
Bradwell, James Culinary Arts
Brown, Willie CTE/Business Education
Byrd, Shannon Learning Strategies
Cato, Quintealia Mathematics
Cherry, Steve COORD Character Education
Dama, Kranthi Mathematics
Dauphin, Stephanie Social Science
Evans, Lee History/World History Teacher
Francis, Emanuel Intervention
Frost-Walker, Diane Head Coach Girls Basketball/Testing Administrator Assistant
Fuller, Corey COORD Health & Drug Free Schools
Galloway, Tireshia Reading Coach
Grimsley, Alesia Health Educator
Harris, Ronte Music
Henson, Edna Guidance Counselor (Junior/11th Grade)
Holt, Jamaal Business Education
Johnson, Greg Science/Biology
Kenon, Aayana English Language Arts / Reading
Knight, Anthony Art/Computer Graphics
Lewis, Pierre Social Science
Lightfoot, Tomeka Graduation Coach
McDanield, Michael Science
Moore, Herbert ISS Teacher
Nallathambi Sarasam, Prathap Singh Physical Science
Nogowski, John English / Journalism
O'Malley, John
Police, Maurice Physical Education
Polite, Blair English
Roberts, Charles JROTC/AI
Rodier, Christopher Special Area / Spanish & French
Shields, Erin Social Science
Smith, Kaloma English Language Arts/Reading
Stephenson, Ciara Social Science Teacher
Thomas, Cierra English
Thomas, Linda Exceptional Education Specialist
Toussaint, Eric Career & Technical Education / Agriscience and Biotechnology
Walker, Keenan 3D Art and Design
White, Kevin JROTC/Senior Instructor
Wiggins, Cleanita Dual Enrollment/Science & Technology/Webmaster
Yarsiah, Wede Science/Chemistry
York, Eric Physical Education

Barnes, Ericka Receptionist
Curry, Andreka Attendance
Faulk, Jeffie Environmental Engineer
Fischer, Matthew SRO (Deputy)
Gauss, Steven Media Technology
Green, Floria Guidance Assistant
Hightower, Richard Paraprofessional
Hinson, Eric Edgenuity/Para-Professional
Holt, Adrienne Cafeteria Manager
Jackson, Patricia Resource Teacher/Para-Professional
Jaguar, GCHS GCHS Webmaster Trainer
Karras, Althea Speech/Language
Lamb, Makenzie Office Manager/Bookkeeper
Liles, Mark Intervention
McCall, Barbara Environmental Engineer
Perry, Brenda Para-Professional
Pounsel, Cynthia Cafeteria
Quintero, Dolores Principal's Secretary
Robinson, Allen Data Entry/Registrar
Rolax, Veronica Cafeteria
Sanders, Sylvia Environmental Engineer
Sands, Harold ESE Resource
Smith, Brittany ESE Resource
Smith, Edrick Environmental Engineer
Smith, Emma Cafeteria
Starling, Betty Cafeteria
Stevens, Derrick Environmental Engineer
Tsigbey, Jennifer ESE/Paraprofessional
West, Dwight Environmental Engineer
Williams, Sharon Environmental Engineer
Winbush, Latoya Environmental Engineer