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Title I School-wide Project/School Improvement Plan Evaluation

East Gadsden High School

School Year 2012

Evaluation of the Goals and Processes for Dropout Prevention 

DOP Goals:

  1.  To reduce the percentage of dropouts by 10% from 3.4 to 3.1.

Goal Met?



  1. To increase the graduation rate by 2% from 68% to 70%


Student Achievement Outcomes in DOP (2012)

Source:  East Gadsden High School, 2012


Fidelity Status

(Indicate High, Moderate or Low)

Analysis of Fidelity Status

(Explain why You selected that Status )



Provide FCAT Re-Take tutorials for FCAT Re-Takers including Adult Students


Not all re-takers passed.








Student Achievement Barriers

Impact of Strategy on Neutralizing the Barrier

High number of FCAT Re-takers/Adult students

Impact of strategy will be measured by the decrease of FCAT Re-takers.





Professional Development Implemented to Support Dropout Prevention


Date Conducted

Analysis of Participation

(Who, How Many and Effectiveness)



FCAT Re-Taking strategies for selected staff.

March 2012

Intensive Reading and Math Teachers (2).















Professional Development Barriers

Impact of Strategy on Neutralizing the Barrier

Implemented strategies with fidelity.

Impact of strategy will be measured by reduction of dropouts and the increase of graduates.





What changes are anticipated for the next school year?

At-Risk students will be targeted and the school will employ Early Warning Systems protocols with fidelity to reduce the dropout rate and increase the graduation rate.