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Title I School-wide Project/School Improvement Plan

East Gadsden High School

School Year 2012

Evaluation of the Goals and Processes for Student Suspensions 

Suspension Goals:

  1. To lower the number of in-school [suspensions] to [480].

Goal Met?



  1. To lower the number of students suspended in-school to [278].


  1. To lower the number of out-of-school suspensions to [647]


  1. To lower the number of students suspended out-of-school to [304]


School Achievement Outcomes in Suspensions (2012)

  • 1. The number of In-school suspensions for 2012 were 212
  • 2. The number of students suspended in-school for 2012 were 145
  • 3. The number of Out-of-School suspension for 2012 were 226
  • 4. The number of students suspended Out-of-Schools were 155.

Source:  Gadsden County School District ITS Department, 2012



(Indicate High, Moderate or Low)

Analysis of Fidelity Status

(Explain why you selected that status)



Students will receive consistent review of school rules per the code of Student Conduct by teachers and via grade-level assembles.


Student suspension data indicates that August 2012 data is a lesser rate than August 2011 data.







Suspension Barrier(s)

Impact of the Strategies on Neutralizing the Barrier

Students' lack of respect for each other, adult authority and school rules.

Grade-Level assemblies and incentives for positive behavior.


Professional Development Implemented to Support Suspension Reduction


Date Conducted

Analysis of Participation

(Who, How Many and Effectiveness)



Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

August  2012

All teachers and support staff.










Professional Development Barrier(s)

Impact of the Strategy on Neutralizing the Barriers

Implementation with fidelity.

Impact on this strategy will be measured by the continued reduction of suspensions school-wide.







What changes are anticipated for the next school year?

1) That all teachers will receive continued professional development for Positive Behavior Support (PBS).

2) All teachers will be required to code of student conduct reviews every grading period with students.

3) Grade-level Positive Behavior Support assemblies will be conducted by the Administration every grading period.