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GCHS Senior Class on the Rise

Senior Sponsors:

  1. Cedrick Akins
  2. Kimberly Cummings 
  3. Tireshia Galloway
  4. Ronte Harris
  5. Tomeka Lightfoot 
  6. Tinika McNeil 
  7. Dennis Moye 
  8. Renee Presha-Pride 
  9. Charlie Roberts 
  10. Allen Robinson 
  11. Keenan Walker 
  12. Cleanita Wiggins
  13. Sonja Wilson-Lewis 

Save the Dates

Note: (Changes may occur due to ineligibilty requirements not met, unpaid funds, inclement weather, etc.)

I. Senior Re-take Day: 11/03/2017
II. Cap and Gown Picture Day: 02/02/2018 ($40.00)
III. Herff Jones Ring Orders: 10/30/2017 (Make-Up- 12/6/2017)
IV. Herff Jones Cap & Gown Measurement Day: November 8, 2017
V. Grad Bash (Universal Orlando): (Tentative Dates)  April 20 or 27, 2018 ($90.00)
VI. Prom Date: (Tentative Dates) May 5, 2017 or May 12, 2017
VII. Senior Picnic: (Tentative Dates) Tuesday, May 15, 2018 or Wednesday, May 16, 2018
VIII. Baccalaureate: (Tentative Dates) Sunday, May 20, 2018 (Parent Sponsored Event)
IX. Class Night: (Tentative Dates) Wednesday, May 23, 2018
X. Graduation: (Tentative Dates) Friday, May 25, 2018

Additional Information:

  • Sitting fee for pictures: $5.00 for Tux and Drape (First-time sitting fee). If the parents/guardians want the proofs. If no proofs wanted then there is no cost associated. Due to the large number of students who did not take pictures on 09/01 nor 09/05, Casuals may not be available on 11/03/17. If they are available then the sitting fee will be $10.00 for sittings.
  • Herff Jones Class ring orders may be made online. Mr. Maxwell will be taking down payments on the rings the day of arrival.
  • We will provide the measurement form prior to the day of arrival for Cap and Gown Measurements to ensure that all students are measured. All students will order a Cap and Gown despite current graduation status, due to the length of time it takes for them to arrive. It is easy to get a refund; however, the fees to rush it here is very expensive.
  • Cost of Prom tickets will be announced at a later date
  • Senior fees and Activities Agenda (Coming Soon)
  • Other Activities sponsored by the senior class

* Seniors need to vote on colors, motto, song and flower. If seniors would like to take a trip in addition to Grad Bash, this information must be presented soon. The students do have this option; however, time is pressing. April is a month for testing and all other senior activities begin. The longer the wait, the more expensive it becomes. This is not mandatory by any means. It is optional!

Please email any concerns to or call 662-2300 ext 2202.

Thanks for all that you have done to get your student to this point. We the senior sponsors look forward to working with you this school term so that we may make this a most memorable experience for each of our seniors.